SitePoint has just released another book, Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache, which is looking to be quite a winner for those of you who want a complete guide to setting up your development environment for LAMP development. As an Advisor over at SitePoint Forums, I am getting this book for free (yay SitePoint!), though to be honest I have been neglecting my duties over there.

Anyway, just a little publicity for SitePoint's new book (disclaimer: I have no obligation to SitePoint to promote the book) - I really think it looks promising for those of you looking to run your own LAMP setup or even budding system administrators, as it seems to cover a whole lot and SitePoint's books have been known for being immediately of practical use. It costs USD39.95 and comes with a Fedora Core 4 DVD, Linux Quick Reference Poster and a collectible SitePoint-branded bookmark(!).

Enough said though, because the book hasn't arrived yet. If I do have time to read it (though it isn't very relevant to me now), I may give it a once-over review (no promises).