It's been a while since I last blogged huh? Well, I actually was back, until a particularly unfortunate incident with my VPS where the database tables for WordPress got corrupted (likely due to overflowing backups and running out of space) threw me off track and got me real grief-stricken that I lost my blog template/theme and a couple of posts (I've managed to restore the template/theme since).

Excuses, all. I'm horrified that I've actually allowed my blog to fall into a state of disuse and disrepair. I'm back and I hope to stay back. But first I've to clean up all this crud that's on my blog (comment spam, Trackback spam, etc.).

Public Service Announcement
I lost a post entitled "Ooh look at this old website I dug up". I believe I offered something to the person who guessed correctly, but I only have Jed Brown's comment in my email. Whoever guessed first before Jed did, please do send me an email (chuyeow at gmail dot com).