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Phil Wilson has quietly created an extension that gives you a bigger Back button in Firefox. It’s charmingly named “Fitts’ Back Button” too. I’d blogged about this previously and this is in fact in Firefox Secrets (on page 191, with due credit given, of course).

So here it is, the inevitable “author plugs his new book” blog post. In the last months of 2004 and early months of 2005, I was spending a good number of my evenings after work writing what was to become (and now is) Firefox Secrets. “Writing” being a broad term used when tasked to churn […]

It’s been a while since I last blogged huh? Well, I actually was back, until a particularly unfortunate incident with my VPS where the database tables for WordPress got corrupted (likely due to overflowing backups and running out of space) threw me off track and got me real grief-stricken that I lost my blog template/theme […]