I was browsing the documentation for the awesome Web Developer Toolbar extension today and for some reason noticed a Google ad that was headlined "Get Mozilla Firefox". It probably caught my eye because Firefox ads on Google were new to me and I wondered if it wasn't some sort of sfx initiative of some sort.

I spotted the ad on this page (will not necessarily appear for you, of course, since Google rotates ads - try surfing around the documentation pages if you're interested in seeing the ad for yourself).

Screenshot of the Web Developer Toolbar documentation page

Here is the ad itself (it's the bottom one). Er, www.stop-sign.com?

Screenshot of Stop-Sign's Firefox ad

The ad brings you to this landing page (incredibly small screenshot below) which apparently is part of an ad campaign of eAcceleration to promote its Stop-Sign product (which from what I understand is some sort of virus scanner cum spyware remover).

Screenshot of Stop-Sign's Firefox ad landing page

Well, they seem to be blatantly riding on the coat tails of the Firefox name. And they even offer Firefox (a firefox.exe file) for download which I just don't have the guts to try. And their message is ambiguously misleading enough, seeming to convey the idea that Firefox is a product of eAcceleration.

If you are new to Firefox and eAcceleration, you will be offered a Stop-Sign computer protection package with the Firefox download. Please use it to make sure your computer is virus, spyware, and adware-free.

Very scammy. I don't know if anything should (and could) be done about this, but this is surely an unpleasant and rather underhanded way of online advertising. Whether the authorities (er, Mozilla Foundation) should be alerted is something I'm not really sure of...