I have a long list of blogs/websites (233 feeds at this moment) to read in my Bloglines account. I don't have the time to read all of them nowadays (I used to), so I'm finding myself skimming through a select few blogs. Weirdly, even though bloggers like Scoble make very interesting posts, I tend to not read them because he's just too damn prolific and I don't have the time to read all the posts. Hmm... Interesting... I was just about to check whether there was a way to keep a post unread in Bloglines and there is (there's a "Keep New" checkbox at the bottom of every feed item). Well, maybe this will get me reading Scoble again.

As I was saying, I don't read every feed I subscribe to nowadays. (By the way, Bloglines only keeps 200 entries per feed before it stops keeping track of new ones.) What I do now is go through the list from top to bottom and check out the ones that I seem to be more interested in. It's interesting to see a pattern. I tend to give feeds with too many unread items a miss, resulting in a vicious cycle of them never getting read. Feeds with 30 new items a day, these I also tend to not read. I also read too many Mozilla-related blogs. Here's my list of "To Read" blogs (arranged in no particular order) whenever I'm short on time or just too plain lazy to read everything:

  • Jon Hicks' hicksdesign
    One of my favorite designers who also happens to be a mean programmer (at least from what I can tell from Jon's hacking of Textpattern, which powers his blog and portfolio).
  • Bernie Zimmermann
    Mozilla blogger and Firefox GrayModern Theme author
  • Chris Pederick
    Chris Pederick is the author of the Web Developer Tools Firefox extension, among other cool projects.
  • Forever Geek
    Which I contribute to, but I'm on hiatus now.
  • Gadgetopia
    Lots of neat posts and links on technology
  • Gentoo Linux News
    Not a blog, but I love Gentoo!
  • Gravatar blog
    I think Gravatars are pretty sweet, this keeps me in the loop of what Tom Werner's up to.
  • Life At Ngee Ann
    This is a fellow Singaporean's blog, quite humorous. "Ngee Ann" refers to Ngee Ann polytechnic, a local academic institution.
  • life in mono
    Fellow Singaporean Adrianna's a cool techie Mac evangelist.
  • adot's notblog*
    Asa Dotzler's blog. Mozilla stuff is always interesting.
  • cheeaunblog
    Author of the famous Phoenity theme, who happens to live in Penang where I some relatives stay. Maybe we can meet up when I go there, huh, Chee Aun?
  • Neil's World
    Neil Turner blogs stuff that I would blog myself if I could. Well, mostly. Mozilla and tech blog.
  • Photo Matt
    Matthew Mullenweg's the lead developer of WordPress, and turned 21 not long ago.
  • philwilson.org
    Phil Wilson blogs mostly on Firefox and the Semantic Web.
  • vantan.org: The Daily Weblog
    Fellow Singaporean Vanessa Tan is a "devoted Netizen" who works in an environment unfriendly to Firefox.
  • The Burning Edge
    Used to follow this religiously, but a little less now because of more infrequent posts and also because much of the work now is bug fixing since the Aviary branch landing.

Not too many A-list bloggers in that list, but that's probably because people like Simon Willison and Doug Bowman have been posting less of late. Give these blogs/sites a visit or two and let me know if you know of any related blog that I can add to my feed aggregator (yes, I'm still interested in more despite an unread list of hundreds).