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World of Warcraft servers are down for maintenance today, so I get time to blog a little and read forum posts. Check out this Rogue video – Killing the Ironforge bankers thread (and the video of course). It’s cool being a rogue.

I have a long list of blogs/websites (233 feeds at this moment) to read in my Bloglines account. I don’t have the time to read all of them nowadays (I used to), so I’m finding myself skimming through a select few blogs. Weirdly, even though bloggers like Scoble make very interesting posts, I tend to […]

When you have a server status page that doesn’t work, and which tauntingly indicates that all servers are up even when they clearly aren’t, you have to wonder whether it’s a marketing tool for Blizzard, or just plain laziness in fixing a clearly broken script. Check out the World of Warcraft Realm status page – […]

Ben Milleare switches to WordPress. Don’t you just love the way his Gravatars are set up? :P

How fun, starting a new year with a bland post on Web statistics. December 2004 was a record month for this blog, with record highs in visits, pages and bandwidth. I exceeded my monthly transfer limit of 20GB by just a little bit as well. Getting an average of 4.7K visits per day, or 10K […]