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As requested (by 2 people) in my previous entry, here's the Unread Tabs extension for Firefox:

Install Unread Tabs | Download Unread Tabs

Also available from the Firefox Add-ons site.

This extension italicizes the title of tabs that you have not yet read so that you can keep track of what you�ve read and what you haven�t.

Screenshot of unread tab being italicized in Firefox

I claim no credit for the extension: CSS comes from the Change the style of tab markers entry in the MozillaZine Knowledge Base. Thanks to an anonymous commentor, the CSS is just a single rule (rather than the 3 in the Knowledge Base entry linked to above):

#content tab:not([selected]) {
font-style: italic !important;

This has to be the world's simplest extension with some boilerplate XUL, an empty stub JS file, and a single CSS rule. I simply stripped almost everything out of another extension that I was working on (I've hit a snag on that one though) and did some run-of-the-mill search and replace.