Update: Daryl responds, and so does Rob Davis, both from the Spreadfirefox team. Please do send an email to [email protected] should you believe your name listing to be in error or if it's not there.

So the Firefox NYT ad has gone out. Great-looking ad, great work everyone at sfx. Ooh so here's my name:

My name in the Firefox NYT ad

I must, however, express my dismay at how the exercise was handled. No communication with the donors as promised (we were supposed to get an email prior to the release of the ad), and no one will answer my comments on sfx nor my emails. After significant pimping and whoring, I think I got 13 donations, but no one at sfx has yet to reply to my emails when I requested that they run a check for me on whether I was a "Community Champion" (who get their names underlined, among other things that they may or may not get as promised). Surely it counts for something, insignificant as my efforts were in the greater picture.

Is there a lack of communication somewhere? I'd say so, and not just because I wasn't replied to, but because there weren't much in terms of updates on when the ad would have been released. There also wasn't a draft of the ad put up for review, meaning some people had their names reversed or they simply weren't there. Commendable, of course, that they offer to do this:

We will incorporate all requests for corrections we receive and, where we are responsible for the error, we will send out free, corrected posters of the ad autographed by some members of the Firefox development team. As appropriate we will also issue credits or refunds on a case by case basis.

Still, great ad, I can't imagine how much of a nightmare it must have been to get the names in there, and go Firefox! Awesome work, awesome fund-raising campaign for an awesome Web browser.