Reason why linking to this post may not work: mod_rewrite rules rewrite all URLs that contain the word "gay" (and for that matter, "sex", "porn", "beastiality", "viagra" and more) to the client's IP - this is to block out referrer spam which I get a lot of and brings down the site in a fashion not unlike a DDoS.

If you got a weird page (like a page requesting you login to a router) before, it's your own router (or your ISP's gateway). The link works now because I've removed the word "gay" from the mod_rewrite rule list. Remember, if you wish to comment on technical faults of this site, please base them on correct information (and if you are arguing from a technical standpoint, you'd do well to vaguely recognize several familar IP addresses). On the other hand, I admit my callousness in the "gay joke" and am duly chastized - for that I have no excuse.

Also, I should have listened to the warnings and not posted this entry in the first place - homosexuality is still a touchy subject. Nevertheless, the image is still there (for, um, posterity) - I'm only not displaying it in this entry.

Cheers, and chill out.