I've always kinda loved writing. Writing fictional stories was fun up to secondary school - thanks to my fascination with (medieval) fantasy fiction and gamebooks. Argumentative essays were not my forte though - I got a B3 in 'A'-level General Paper.

So anyway, enough of trying to write a "charming" little backstory (which wasn't really going anywhere, considering the state of mind I'm in).

These few months you'll probably see a decreased frequency of posts on this blog, mostly due to my being on assignment writing a book - my very first one. Before you ask: yes, it's a technical book, and no, I'm not sure if I want to say what it's about just yet. It's too early.

I'm going to miss blogging and nights where I don't have to think about <Insert book subject matter here>. Not that thinking about it is bad (because it is one of my main interests and I am writing a book on it), but I'm wondering how I'm going to keep up with late nights and the inexorable temptation to play one more hour of World of Warcraft (which still hasn't arrived, but will soon, with any luck).

Stay tuned, don't go away. I'll still be blogging.