Thunderbird 1.0RC is out

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2 Dec 2004

Update: Thunderbird 1.0 is out. Get that instead. Asa Dotzler has the scoop. Get it from the Mozilla Thunderbird release directory. Noteworthy: much nicer icons, work offline UI for Windows, HTTP authentication for RSS feeds.

3 Responses to Thunderbird 1.0RC is out


Nathan Wong

December 3rd, 2004 at 5am

I’ll definitely give it another shot when it hits 1.0 :)


Bibi's box

December 8th, 2004 at 9pm

Thunderbird 1.0
Thunderbird 1.0 Released. Yesterday, after read in many different blogs, I downloaded the Thunderbird 1.0. A month ago I gave up to Outlook Express and I don’t want to use it again. I’m not trying Thunderbird, now it is my official email reader beca…


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