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A poem on Life without Firefox, by Vanessa Tan, who has lost Firefox to her organization’s software policy.

I like music. Well, I like the music that I like, not all genres. OK, honestly, I’m fairly picky about the songs I listen to. I only listen to alternative, alternative rock, punk rock, punk pop, and rap (mostly Eminem) music (I’m not even sure if the genres are correct). Music keeps me sane on […]

Mozilla Update has gone through a facelift and now looks much better than before (and also, more importantly, it now looks and feels like the main site). I haven’t seen any announcement on this yet on nor on MozillaZine

Opera 8 beta 1

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24 Dec 2004

Opera 8 Beta 1 is out. Get it from the Opera website. Changelog.

Remember I mentioned Vanessa Tan who had an IE-only policy at work? Now, the policy is official and an unbendable rule (my understanding was that Vanessa was able to use it somehow, before). Read her farewell to Firefox. Much has been sacrificed in the name of security. Of course, that bit is debatable (because IE […]