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rakaz, maker of some very nice Firefox wallpapers, also has a set of forum and IM avatars. Very nice if you want to show your support for Firefox and perhaps get a few IE-using friends to ask you about your avatar. Anyway, that wasn’t the reason I was looking for avatars. The reason was me […]

Ryan Boren, one of the developers of WordPress (which powers this blog), has an interim update on what’s going on behind the scenes in WordPress development and the new features in WordPress 1.3. Pages, themes, enclosures, and a richer plugin API are some things to look forward to.

This is pretty cool. MSN Search beta solves any polynomial equations you enter into its search box. I tried with higher degree polynomials but it seems it can only solve up to cubic equations (try x^3 -27 = 0). Quartic equations, like x^4 + 6x^3 – 5x^2 – 10x – 3 = 0, return a […]

The whole world is playing Half-Life 2 except for those of us in Singapore who pre-ordered or decided to get the retail box versions. Apparently, and this is news from the local community forum grapevine, the sole distributor of Half-Life 2 in Singapore, iGames, has delayed the release date to 19th November (GMT +8). Lots […]

Konfabulator has finally been ported to Windows! Now I can at least get to experience the neat little app that made such news in blogs all over some months ago. (Note to reader: I’m refraining from word-butchery, so where “blogosphere” may be more appropriate in this case, I’m not going to be tempted into using […]