The whole world is playing Half-Life 2 except for those of us in Singapore who pre-ordered or decided to get the retail box versions. Apparently, and this is news from the local community forum grapevine, the sole distributor of Half-Life 2 in Singapore, iGames, has delayed the release date to 19th November (GMT +8). Lots of disgruntled people in the HardwareZone PC Games forum. (I'm one of them, but I prefer to be quietly disgruntled.)

After I posted my previous entry, I decided to go for the retail Standard Edition and went down to the local computer hub to reserve a copy. The guy there said it'd probably be out tommorrow (unlikely, as I found out later it'd arrive probably on the 19th like I said above). Argh... More waiting. Now I kinda wish I'd bought from Steam a week or so ago and I'd be playing it right now instead of blogging about not being able to play it.