3 more days to Half-Life 2. The wait is killing me. I'm also mulling over how I should get Half-Life 2. Should I get the cheaper Standard Edition (SGD69.90) that comes in a whopping 6 CDs (5 + 1 for CS:Source), or the Collectors' Edition (SGD129.90) that comes in a convenient single DVD (plus a shirt and, I think, a strategy guide). Or perhaps getting it from Steam? The Gold package looks pretty sweet (and naturally, so does the price tag). But you do get a whole lot more gimmicks (because that's what they are) sans a physical copy of the game itself. I guess I'm just not so comfortable with that (and the USD89.95 price tag).

So, take a look at the Half-Life 2 Package FAQ. Let me know what you are getting. It's something to keep you occupied while you (we) wait.

(Anybody have any idea whether the Collectors' Edition comes with the strategy guide? The Package FAQ I posted above has conflicting information - the first post says it comes with a "Prima book sampler", the later press release says it comes with a "Half-Life 2 Prima strategy guide book".)