Well, Streats isn't exactly a high-profile paper (its parent company, Singapore Press Holdings, publishes The Straits Times which is in much greater circulation), but it does get around (and its website does validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, FWIW).

Anyway, here's the article: S'poreans back free browser. I'm quoted in there saying (pessimistically):

A few Singaporeans, myself included, have actually thought of doing the same (advertise) with a local paper, but prices are high and it would be a challenge considering the penetration of Firefox in Singapore.

Of the (relatively) long reply I sent to Chris (the journalist) for the email interview, I can't say I wasn't a tad disappointed that that bit was published. But oh well, at least it got the word on Firefox out. Interestingly, someone from Singapore (I can tell from the IP) wrote a comment saying my blog "sucks shit". Thanks Kathy I bet it does. And good day to you too m'am. Another guy wrote me an email coming in from the Streats article asking me to point out the influential bloggers in Singapore and South East Asia. (Yes we do exist!)

Streats on the web logo

Christopher Lim (the journalist who interviewed me via email, and get this: via SMS) wrote us Singapore donors an email asking our thoughts on the campaign and why we made our donations.

I am writing from Streats, the newspaper. Blake Ross from www.spreadfirefox.com passed me your emails after I explained that I'd like to run a story this coming Monday on Firefox's New York Times advertisement campaign, and am interested in interviewing donors from Singapore.

The To: header of that email tells me there were 14 Singaporeans who donated to the cause. Not bad I'd think, considering our small population and tighter fists. Chris Henry, another Singaporean donor, wrote about the article too in his sfx blog. Well, if any of you donors want to discuss more on "spreading Firefox" in Singapore, do join up at http://sg.firefoxsupport.com/ (it's not my site, in case you were wondering).