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Blogbloxes – widgets for your blog (or website). Smells like Konfabulator, et al. What will they think of next?

Larry the cow is one domesticated animal you probably haven’t heard of (though you may have heard of our beloved South Park cows). He is the mascot of Gentoo Linux and there’s a headshot of him over at Gentoo’s About page (see “Gentoo Linux… in a poster”). Now, I came across this amusing bug today, […]

The company I’m working for, muvee Technologies, is on the lookout for a Product Evangelist in the US for our core product, muvee autoProducer. If you’re a fan of muvee autoProducer (like Chris Pirillo is), and fit the requirements nicely, why not find out more about it – drop Tania (our Communications and PR manager) […]

If you’re open to advertisements on your blog, the enterprising Jeremy Wright is looking to gather a, um, gathering of bloggers (GOB, usage mine) for an informal blog advertising network. The story goes something like this: Jeremy knows advertisers. Advertisers want to put ads on other blogs (other then Jeremy’s, that is). Jeremy gets bright […]

Apple has released iPod Updater 2004-11-15, the software that updates your iPod’s firmware. Notable in this release is a whole bunch of features for the iPod mini that were previously only available to iPod users. Nothing for G3 iPod owners though. Stuff like Delete songs from On-The-Go playlists and Create multiple On-The-Go playlists should have […]