You'd probably already have heard of or seen Silktide Sitescore that purports to "rate how well designed, popular and accessible your website is". A while back it used to tell me I was a criminal for having an inaccessible website. I got sub-5 scores and a close-to-zero score for accessibility. I was surprised but attributed it the script doing something wrong somewhere (it is automated after all and Cynthia did tell me my site was OK in terms of accessibility).

Recently, after reading Ingoal's post on an update to his score, I tried out Silktide again and to my surprise, got a respectable 8.6. (Ingoal's a fellow Advisor at SitePoint - this guy knows computers.) After some fixing some XHTML-validation borkage, I eked out a 10 for accessibility and managed to get a 9.2 overall score (and a 9.3 once). That puts me in the top 10 (true to form, I'm right at the bottom at number 10 below SitePoint).

Screenshot of Silktide SiteScore rankings with in 10th position

I'm not sure it means anything except that it goes to show what a poor boy I must be to keep posting about rankings and scores. Perhaps it's my low self-esteem working here.

But I have to say again, thank you for your donations to Firefox and keep donating whether you do so via my donation link or not! (What am I talking about? Read more. This too.)