The Straits Times says Half-Life 2 will be delayed… Right

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24 Oct 2004

Local (Singaporean) news publication The Straits Times has a mini-article today proclaiming “Half Life 2 Delayed”. (You need to login to read the article. For that purpose, I’ve created a BugMeNot entry for The Straits Times.)

Publisher Vivendi and developer Valve are suing and counter-suing each other over the rights to gaming cafe usage royalties. This battle could hold up the release date by up to six months

Now, am I the one who’s out of the loop or is The Straits Times publishing old news? (Insert snide comment on how The Straits Times has been trying to portray itself as a world-class newspaper here.)

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October 27th, 2004 at 5am

They’re publishing old news. VERY old news. Heck, it’s not even news–it’s speculation on the industry’s part. HL2 is on track for the 16th. I just wish it would come out sooner. I’ve already got the Silver pack purchased and preloaded… come on…



July 10th, 2005 at 11pm


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