Update: After 3 days, I finally got my activation letter. It took a post to WebHostingTalk to get JVDS' attention. It seems that the activation email was sent, but it never landed in my inbox.

This is the 2nd time I've signed up with a VPS provider and it's taken too long for my account to be set up. Linode took 16 hours to set it up when they promised:

Apply now and your account will be activated within hours!

16 hours does technically qualify as "within hours", but it's a mighty long wait. But I do understand that there's a lead time needed to setup a VPS so it's acceptable.

But now that I'm intending to switch from Linode to JVDS (for reasons which I'll expound in an entry in the near future), and I'm again left waiting, this time for more than 34 hours (at the time of writing). And this after sending in 2 support emails asking about activation, and being told that the account details will be given to me "shortly". Sigh. Even the expensive (comparatively) The Planet dedicated server that I ordered for my company was built within 12 hours. And I signed up with JVDS because of their excellent reviews in WebHostingTalk. They may be mighty quite to reply to support tickets and emails, but what good if you can't deliver. I wonder if I'm just unlucky. Maybe the dedicated host on which they were setting up my VPS blew a hard drive.

And so I wait... And I wait...