Update: All gone! Thanks everyone!

Update: seeing how pathetic the (non-)response has been, I've lowered the donation amount to USD2. C'mon people. Even as a gift for your non-tech-savvy uncle/auntie/grandma who wants to blog, it's a good deal!

Update: There are 3 of the accounts is 1 account left. Thanks Jannah and Phu for making the donations to WordPress!

Jeff Holman of Revise Media wrote me awhile back to put up ads for his new WordPress weblog hosting service, and I gladly agreed because I was kind of a WordPress fan (caution: heavy understatement in use). His ad is on the left where you've probably been seeing it for awhile (if you're not reading via a feed reader). (On the subject of ads, well, they fund the webhosting for this blog and then a little more.)

Anyway, Jeff offered to give me 5 Plus plans (1 year subscription) for free to give away to you, my dearest readers. There was supposed to be some contest, but I gave up trying to think of a good idea for one. So I spoke with Jeff on this other idea I had and he has agreed to let them go for a donation to WordPress (rather than for "free").

Well, the Plus plans are going at $9.95/year each, and I ask of you to make a donation to WordPress of at least $5 $2 (this amount was of my choosing). Write me first (or leave a comment) if you're thinking of donating and claiming a free Plus plan - Jeff has 5 of them for me to give away.