I went to get some DVD+Rs today (TDK 8X DVD+R RICOHJPNR02) and went to the magazine rack to look for the issue of PC Gamer with the exclusive review of Half-Life 2 (it was all over the web and even Slashdotted). And there it was calling out to me to buy it for SGD7 (SGD1 ≈ USD0.60). Well, I used to have a subscription to PC Gamer when I was a hardcore gamer a few years back, even though it cost ridiculously high compared to the USD1.99 per issue you can get in the US. Anyway, enough with the life story... Check out the PC Gamer December issue cover (at IGN.com).

Half-Life 2 logo

Just finished reading the review (it got 98%, if you don't know by now), and damn I'd so like to get my hands on a copy of Half-Life 2 (no, it's not out yet) to play with the Zero-Point Energy Gun (aka the Gravity Gun). And maybe shoot down some Striders.

The recommended system requirements are a little worrying though - the low end 3D card is an ATI RADEON 9600 PRO 128MB, which PC Gamer equated to be the same as a GeForce FX 5700 128MB. I only have a (now) crappy GeForce FX 5200 128MB. I do have a 3.0GHz HyperThreading processor, but that hardly helps when the graphics card is the bottleneck. Upgrade? Sigh.

And what's more in this issue, there's also a hands-on scoop on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. What a game this could turn out to be. To tell the truth, I'm marginally more excited about this game than Half-Life 2 (I am, first and foremost, a CRPG player). I thoroughly enjoyed the original Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption and even read the Vampire: The Masquerade novels. I mean, you get to play a vampire from 1 of 7 of Camarilla clans and experience the Vampire: The Masquerade world in its Source engine glory. What's not to like?

The waiting is the hardest part. Please let them be released on November.