Archive for October, 2004

MySQL Version 4.1 Certified as Production-Ready. Still waiting for the MySQL 4.1.7 ebuild (relevant bugs – MySQL 4.1.6 ebuild, request to include mysql 4.1.6 in portage and add ~amd64).

You’d probably already have heard of or seen Silktide Sitescore that purports to “rate how well designed, popular and accessible your website is”. A while back it used to tell me I was a criminal for having an inaccessible website. I got sub-5 scores and a close-to-zero score for accessibility. I was surprised but attributed […]

Thanks to everyone’s kind donations to the Firefox New York Times ad effort, I made it into the top 5 climbers (of the past week) on Spread Firefox. Once again, thank you for donating to the cause. (There’s 100 points to be had per donation, and there were 12 made via my donation link.) I’m […]

BioWare is launching their BioWare store on November 10 (hey that’s my birthday) and they’re selling premium Neverwinter Nights modules (developed in-house by BioWare and the Neverwinter Nights community). Rather smart sales strategy. I’m considering getting one of those modules myself.

Opera 7.60 Preview 2 for Windows is now available. Changes since Preview 1.