It seems like I am not beyond a little self-promotion now and then. Well, the story goes like this. Paul Scrivens of Whitespace fame also runs Forever Geek, one of those blog/website types that posts news for geeks. Excellent stuff - I'd been reading it in my feed reader for, like, almost since I knew about it, which is around February when the site first appeared. (Of course, when I said "excellent", you will soon realize I have a vested interested in saying so.)

Anyway, Forever Geek was looking for articles so I submitted the search article that was also posted here. That got into Slashdot. Recently, Paul posted that Forever Geek were looking for some new members to join the crew, so I applied - I find these things hard to resist, weirdly. And I got accepted. So now I am a contributing writer on Forever Geek, which I am unashamedly telling you to add to your reading list (Atom feed, RSS 2.0 feed).

This is not my first group blog (well, it is my second). The first was from the before time (when most of the bloggers were SitePoint forum staff).

Anyway, read Forever Geek. Yeah.