Remember the big debate over the removal of the alternate stylesheet UI? Well, the guys have had an Aviary meeting and approved the re-inserting of the alternate stylesheet UI back into Firefox 1.0.

Check out Asa's re-opening of the Re-insert Alternate Stylesheet UI bug report - bug 257859:

Setting nomination flag for PR since we'll want to get this in before
PR if we add it back.

Well, I'm glad it worked out this way. And even better, the new alternate stylesheet UI comes with improvements as well.

The status bar UI looks almost the same, only the wording has been changed from "Basic" to the more understandable "Basic Page Style".

Firefox Alternate Stylesheet UI

There is also now a "Page View" submenu under the "View" menu that includes a "No Style" option that removes CSS styling from the webpage. Amazingly, this now strips all styles, including styles applied in HTML style attributes and even font tags! Try that on a site that uses font tags like HPB. (Before, the font tag styles will still be visible.)

Firefox Alternate Stylesheet UI menu

On a somewhat related note, the "Work Offline" UI has been re-added for Firefox Preview Release 1. The devs will be working to get it fully (or mostly) functional before the big one-point-oh as well.