Update: Sandip has 12 more invites.

Update: Sandip has given away all his invites! To date he has given away all 79 of them (from multiple Gmail accounts). Nice. Thanks Sandip for you generosity!

A kind reader by the name of Sandip Bhattachary emailed me this today:

i have 20 gmail invites to give away. I actually have 7 gmail accounts myself. Receving so many invites per day. I have given this to everybody. Please post my thread in your website that I want to give away gmail invites to those who email me at the above mentioned email address. This is a serious email.

You can get him at bhattacharyas AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks Sandip.

This also signals that Gmail invites are now actually undesirable and a burden on the soul. (Just kidding, Sandip.)