If you want to destroy my sweater
Hold this thread as I walk away

From Undone - the sweater song. That's one of the most loaded/quirky/semi-humorous lines I've heard in a while.

Anyway, AudioScrobbler tells me I'm listening to too much Weezer Weezer quite a bit (though AudioScrobbler erased my music entries once before so that's hardly an accurate list). It also tells me:

Your plugin reported a submission error: Your plugin (itw version 0.0.4) is banned. Please contact the plugin author for an updated version

Any idea what that is or anyone have the same error? I'm using the iTunes plugin - what else?

This is because the iTunes plugin is making multiple submissions while iTunes is paused. See the relevant thread here. You can grab the latest plugin from http://www.xurble.org/iScrobblerWin_0_0_5.exe - it's not yet official, but it works. (Thanks Suman!)

(Wondering what AudioScrobbler is? Go read the AudioScrobbler Help page.)