To Matt Gough

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1 Sep 2004

To Matt Gough, the guy I’ve been trying to contact and send a Gmail invite to:

I’ve been trying to tell you that the Gmail invites that I’ve sent to you don’t seem to get through (nor do my emails from my Gmail account, apparently). I’d sent you one before and one just today. Let me know if you don’t see them (then I can just pass you the signup link).

Figured this was the best way to get your attention when I tried, in vain, to post a comment on your weblog (it says “registration is required” and I couldn’t find a registration link – what is that? TypeKey?).

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September 2nd, 2004 at 4pm


thank you (twice) for the invite, your fwd and new mail came through, no idea whty it didn’t make it the first time safe-mail can be be alittle quick at rejecting mail i think.

as for my blog the resisration seems to be new, i’m a guest blogger for artilce19 so the setup is nothing to do with me, it’s possibly their way of dealing with comment spam, i’ll have a word with them.

getting round to the thinking i need to get my own blog and wiki..

many thanks again Chu Yeow



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