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You may or may not have noticed this neat little “Open in Tabs” feature in Mozilla Firefox that lets you open bookmarks in a folder in tabs. Just to be clear, here’s how it looks like: And here it is again in the context menu when you right-click on a bookmark folder: “Open in Tabs” […]

PHP 5.0.2 and 4.3.9 final are out – maintenance releases both. GIF support is back in the GD extension.

Google has a XUL version of its search page at Searching takes you to the “normal” HTML pages though. For the benefit of those of you not using Mozilla Firefox, here’s a screencap: Seen at a comment at Blogzilla.

A furrier Firefox

In: Mozilla

25 Sep 2004

Via The Burning Edge: If you check out the attachments in bug 260590 – Updated Images for Windows Installer and About/Credit windows, you’d see that they’ve made the Firefox logo a little bit furrier. Here’s the normal and the super-furry version placed side-by-side: I like it!

Interesting. I got this SMS message this afternoon, apparently from Raffles Medical Group, a local medical establishment with a hospital and a chain of clinics. Thank u for using our clinic recently. Pls share your feedback to help us serve u better. Would u recommend our services to others? Raffles Medical Management I’m not sure […]