OK I got Postfix and courier-imap up and running now. Plus, switching to a 2.6 kernel was as simple as changing it in the web-based Linode Platform manager and rebooting. Just select a few things and click a few form buttons. Very nice.

The migration to the new server didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped it to be, but all is good now and you are currently being served this webpage/rss feed by Apache2 web server running on a Gentoo Linux box.

Apache signature of new server at Linode.com

I'm using this Virtual Private Server (VPS) setup offered by Linode.com which is an unmanaged User Mode Linux hosting solution. Which means I've had to take a crash course in system administration in the attempt to transform a base Linux system with minimal services into a production web server. It's hard because of the esoteric configuration that Linux is so notorious for, though it was still easier than I thought, and very satisfying when things progressed from a state of borkage to reasonable functionality. Gentoo's Portage probably played a good hand in making things easy. emerge, emerge, emerge.

I still need to set up a email services (the whole kahuna - MTA, LDA, AA) - any advice on this area would be very nice.

More on Gentoo, system administration, User Mode Linux, and Linode later.