I'm on the hunt for a good webhosting package. I'm having some problems (technical and political) with the current one on the dedicated server I'm sharing. If any of you have any recommendations, do let me know by leaving a comment or writing me.

These are my requirements:
500MB storage
25GB transfer (at least)
Unlimited databases
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Multiple domains (on a single hosting plan)

I'm thinking of getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution and have been taking a look at some User Mode Linux (UML) hosting plans. In particular, Dinix and VPS Colo (I'm looking at their lowest priced plans) stand out after much searching and reading over at WebHostingTalk forums. $35/month isn't something I can afford though. If anyone wants to share the plan with me (we can split it 50-50 or whatever), do let me know. I'm a very nice trustworthy guy (honest!).

UML == root access. Mmmm... I can finally get the stuff (Subversion, PostgreSQL, mod_python) I want installed.