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13 Aug 2004

I wished I had an iPod mini. I have now got an iPod mini – a silver one.

Image of silver iPod mini

To clear several plausible doubts judging from the comments in that last post (well, mostly directed at the rant by jbelkin):

  • Roshambo, I’m not sure how Sumajin SmartWrap is going to be useful for me. The website isn’t very descriptive so if you could explain to me what it does… :)
  • Like Luke said, jbelkin, you said you “never read (my) original post” and yet go on to say “and this is why (I’m) wrong”. I liked the self-contradiction there heh. But, but, I agree with you most of your points (well, right now because I’m the owner of an iPod). Except that the iPod (mini) is overpriced. Perhaps you haven’t met poor people before (OK that isn’t fair, but you weren’t being fair). The iPod mini cost me a week’s salary. I am now willing to pay for it because I am drawing a salary.
  • I have no idea what “Fry’s” is. I live in Singapore.
  • I am loving my iPod mini.

For my fellow Singaporeans, do go get your iPod mini if you want one from SGL at Sim Lim Square (it’s on the 2nd floor, and if you go by the connecting bridge from OG, it’s the first shop on your right). It’s $440 ($18 less the the market price of $458 at places like the AppleCentres) and the lady there is very friendly. Another thing I must say is that the Best Denki people manning their phone lines give pretty crappy service. They don’t sound very friendly and don’t bother to check for you the availability in other stores. Neither did they take the initiative to tell me when the new stocks will arrive. Harvey Norman is a completely different story because the guy who serviced my call was totally friendly, checked out the stocks in the other branches, and even told me when the stocks will arrive. Boo Best Denki.

Anyway, more on this (the iPod mini) later.

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August 13th, 2004 at 1am

Most people in the US don’t know what Fry’s is either–it’s a PC/electronics chain store that’s only located in the southwestern US. People who keep saying “Go to Fry’s, go to Fry’s” place an inordinate amount of importance upon that store.

Glad you’re enjoying the mini–the point of consumer electronics is to get what you think is best, not what everyone else thinks is best. I would’ve gone with a Creative Nomad Zen, but if you’re happy, congrats.



August 13th, 2004 at 4am

Vanessa’s right. Fry’s is well known only in the tech world. Mostly the tech world in California but it’s famous enough all over so that even some on the East coast know about it. To its credit though, it isn’t just some electronics store selling an image to geeks. Its main selling points are: it’s huge (think the size of Mars), has everything (heat sinks that are too big to fast food to iPods, software, whatever that a geek could want), and it’s often cheaper than most competitors, even online ones.

What *is* frightening is when I hear that the Sunnyvale Fry’s (right in the heart of silicon valley) used to be the hot friday night hang out spot for the tech geeks. Hmmm….



August 13th, 2004 at 5am

That’s awesome :D. I’ve always wanted an iPod, but never had enough money, or courage to take the plunge. You should write up a review on it, dish the dirt on the ‘uber’ coveted iPod mini. Congrats.



August 13th, 2004 at 5am

ooh, congrats and good luck with the i-pod, one day i’ll get mine aswell. Meanwhile my sony minidisc ‘ll do..



August 13th, 2004 at 10am

There’s no need to know what Frys is with Funan and Sim Lim!

Was in both of them just over a month ago, spent about 4 hours in Sim Lim, heh. I get a little tired of all the harrassing after a while, but I guess not being local, it’s to be expected!

Congrats on the iPod, i’m still in the MD era :|


Adrian Forest

August 13th, 2004 at 11am

Fry’s is something only folks in the southwestern US seem to have. You Merkins need to give more acknowledgement to the fact that not everyone on the Net lives in the US, let alone California.

But seriously, Harvey Norman? They’re an Australian chain, and they have the worst prices and customer service of any electronics retailer I’ve ever seen. Their staff are the most techno-ignorant idiots with the gall to represent themselves as knowledgable ever.



August 13th, 2004 at 4pm

You make me jealous. I want one too, my preciousss :)




August 14th, 2004 at 3am

Yeah, I have to admit that Sumajin has a pretty lame site (the designer of the product is really disorganzied, too). Anyway, the SmartWrap is an ingenious piece of dumbell-shaped rubber that you use to keep your headphone cords from getting the better of you. I don’t know about the iPod mini, but the headphone cords on my regular iPod are really, really, long, and I find them always getting in the way or getting caught on things. Additionally, they are always tangled in a huge ball of cable nightmare when I pull them out of my pocket. The SmartWrap does a really good job at remedying this. This article explains it pretty well.

Fry’s is a weird place. Being from Los Angeles, I’ve been to Fry’s many, many times for computer parts, software, and what not. Prices are good and it’s truly an incredible operation–the owners run the store extremely efficiently (they have, literally, over sixty cashiers working simultaneously during the holidays). After going a few times, however, you come to realize that the place is kind of scary; it’s run a lot like a circus, or a swap meet controlled by one person. The thing is, there’s nowhere quite like it, so you have to keep going back for your parts and whatnot.

One day my car was stolen from the Fry’s parking lot in broad daylight and I vowed never to return for fear of theft. I found, however, that there was really no where else to go and I was forced to return. *Sigh*



August 16th, 2004 at 11am

I was at an Apple store few days ago, and I checked out the iPod. To be honest I didnt like it much… Anyway I heard that Apple will be producing new PowerBooks, so lets wait and see what is Apple up to.. :)



August 18th, 2004 at 5am

If anyone wants a free ipod or ipod mini, ive heard many sucess stories from Free ipods.com….– yea i know it looks like a scam and everything, but alot of people have gotten ipods from them supposedly… i dunno. congrats.


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