I wished I had an iPod mini. I have now got an iPod mini - a silver one.

Image of silver iPod mini

To clear several plausible doubts judging from the comments in that last post (well, mostly directed at the rant by jbelkin):

  • Roshambo, I'm not sure how Sumajin SmartWrap is going to be useful for me. The website isn't very descriptive so if you could explain to me what it does... :)
  • Like Luke said, jbelkin, you said you "never read (my) original post" and yet go on to say "and this is why (I'm) wrong". I liked the self-contradiction there heh. But, but, I agree with you most of your points (well, right now because I'm the owner of an iPod). Except that the iPod (mini) is overpriced. Perhaps you haven't met poor people before (OK that isn't fair, but you weren't being fair). The iPod mini cost me a week's salary. I am now willing to pay for it because I am drawing a salary.
  • I have no idea what "Fry's" is. I live in Singapore.
  • I am loving my iPod mini.

For my fellow Singaporeans, do go get your iPod mini if you want one from SGL at Sim Lim Square (it's on the 2nd floor, and if you go by the connecting bridge from OG, it's the first shop on your right). It's $440 ($18 less the the market price of $458 at places like the AppleCentres) and the lady there is very friendly. Another thing I must say is that the Best Denki people manning their phone lines give pretty crappy service. They don’t sound very friendly and don’t bother to check for you the availability in other stores. Neither did they take the initiative to tell me when the new stocks will arrive. Harvey Norman is a completely different story because the guy who serviced my call was totally friendly, checked out the stocks in the other branches, and even told me when the stocks will arrive. Boo Best Denki.

Anyway, more on this (the iPod mini) later.