Tony Chor, the Group Program Manager for the IE team, writes:

We also came up with a very original idea – popup blocking.

The idea was so ridiculous I knew it had to be a joke. And it was, when Tony later writes:

For the record, I was joking about our "innovation" around popup blocking.

But not after several not entirely unexpected flames (I found the popup blocking innovation comment from a site flamed the blog post too) from people who didn't get it.

Anyway, if you haven't seen this yet (it was on Slashdot - I don't read it though, perhaps you do), you can get Windows XP Service Pack 2 via BitTorrent at Not from Microsoft (so it's not "official"), but you got to wonder why Microsoft doesn't embrace BitTorrent for distributing XP SP2 and do away with all that initial hoo-ha about staggered release schedules.