I know I pointed out 5 reasons not to buy an iPod 6 months or so ago. I take that back. I caught the iPod bug. More specifically, the iPod mini bug - don't really fancy the larger iPod, even if it's much better with the 4G version.

I'm really getting it as something to soothe me and make my sad life a little brighter (believe it or not, pathetic as that sounds). I haven't got any gadgets yet and this will probably be the first time I'm (modestly) splurging my salary. Yes that's right. I don't have an MP3 player, no palmtop device, no 3G phone (I kinda like my trusty Nokia 8250). I don't even have a Discman that works.

Anyway, the sadness of my gadget-deprived life is besides the point. The point is, I want an iPod mini. And I wish I can get my hands on one tommorrow against all odds. Well, someone at an Apple reseller told me that there was a national shortage of iPod mini with interminable queues. Pretty disheartening, especially when I got a couple of colleagues to go down with me to buy it. And we were arrogantly told by the sales person (I reckon he was a Mac evangelist) that "Apple does not intend to include FM radio in the iPod or in the future". (It really was more arrogant-sounding then that, but I forget the exact words to quote him verbatim.)

Good news is, a friend told me that she saw iPod minis selling around a tech place today. Well, at least she saw the boxes. And someone at the Mac Users Group (Singapore) posted that he bought an iPod just today. It just might happen! Will be calling a few places to check on their iPod mini stocks 10 hours from now. Fingers crossed.