Well, I don't have a link blog and the Externals section is totally borked (I still keep my del.icio.us account going though), so I'm finding it so hard to keep track of links I'm picking up and intending to write about. Well, this is a whole genus of links that you want to link to but don't quite feel worthy of a complete blog entry (know what I mean?). Someday I will fix this broken weblog. For now, I procrastinate.

  • Lockergnome is looking for contributors and writers. Applied and accepted (for the Web Browser channel, naturally). Chris Pirillo's a nice dude. Though I could be saying that because he likes muvee autoProducer so much.
  • The Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers is a hilarious parody of A-List bloggers (such as Dave Winer and Chris Pirillo) and their blogging styles. Of course, you'd have to actually have read these peoples' blogs regularly to get the humor.
  • Audioscrobbler is interesting stuff (OK so I'm a little late to pick this one up). My user details. Seems to go down quite often though, and still in teething stages. But promising. Via dot-totally.co.uk.
  • Free CSS menus (complete with rollovers). These look fantastic. Fully XHTML and CSS standards-compliant.
  • Webnote is an online tool for taking notes. Some mean DHTML/JS-fu going on there.
  • FreeTechBooks links to a good collection of free books in electronic form. All legal of course.
  • Conversational cheap shots. Add a varied collection of verbal weaponry to your arsenal. Get ahead in flame wars.
  • The Programmers' Stone celebrates the Art of Programming. A little wordy. I should print this out to read.