I was just thinking how it's been ages since I last did one of those monthly reports where I mention website statistics for this site - the last was December 2003. A look at the figures goes to show how little traffic and viewership I got (compared to, er, right now). 6 months ago I was getting 13,728 visits, or 442 visits daily. I'd got 65K visits last month and it's at 60K for the first 20 days of this month - almost 3K visits daily. Nothing to shout at but it is a significant increase (for a nobody like me especially). I'll give a shout when I get the holy PageRank 7 (which just about seems the 'cap' for conventional blogs). Right.

Anyway, what has me most pleased is the number of subscribers to my RSS feed at Bloglines. 224 total subscribers is about a little more than I ever expected possible out of this. And Technorati says there are 256 Links from 196 Sources pointing to this site. Chief among them is kottke.org - even getting listed on his linkblog gave me 1000+ visits. Amazing! And I started noticing the spike in traffic in June, when I wrote gExodus and also quite a few posts on Firefox-related matters which were well-linked.

Anyway, I've just begun to notice that the new ad at that I'd approved is screwing up the website layout and I think I've begun to forget the point of this post, so I'll stop now with the chest-beating. My CSS has always been unsightly and there is a case of slight divitis in the sidebar too - I've been too lazy to do anything though and probably still am.