With the gaining popularity of Firefox and alternative browsers ("alternative" meaning non-IE), I've noticed a sudden increase in the number of sites advocating specific browsers. People are obsessed with the new browser wars (this time, it's a "good" war) and rightly so if your browser is the one application you use 90% of the time on your computer.

www.switch2firefox.com/switch/ seems to be a popular one recently. Hao2lian also has one (and he's right - nobody knew about it, or at least I didn't!). www.betterbrowser.org recommends Firefox and Safari. There was also the old giantfightingrobots.com page which now appears to be defunct. Check out this Mozilla kicks ass! page too.

Someone even bought the getfirefox.com domain as a shortcut URL for http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/.

Anybody seen anymore of these?