Bloglines turned 1 not too long ago and crikey(!) did they add a some cool new features to the plain old feed aggregator. The new look is also a refreshing change (though the old utilitarian look suited me just fine too).

Sceen capture of new Bloglines look

The Clip Blog feature is perhaps the very coolest. It's a convenient way to save "clippings" from blogs or sites you read in Bloglines.

Screenshot of Bloglines Clip Board administration interface

Bloglines explains what Clip Blogs are for:

When you see something you want to save or share in your feeds, just one click posts it to your Bloglines Clip Blog.

I have mine setup right here to play around with. The unfortunate thing is that there is no RSS feed to it (there is a "Subscribe" link, but it seems to be in a Bloglines-specific format). It works fine within Bloglines though, and that's the whole idea I guess.

And finally, I can get Bloglines to sort my feeds. I have a whole lot of them (on the right sidebar) and they were sorted by the date I added them. Not the best arrangement but it's grown so big I just couldn't get down to organizing them into folders. Well, at least alphabetical sorting is slightly better. I'm not sure if this is new, but I noticed I can now check a box next to each feed and move them into folders.

Screenshot of Bloglines feed organization

And this citations search feature doesn't beat Technorati, but it keeps track of all citations to date (whereas in Technorati, old backlinks drop off the listings).

Bloglines made Time Magazine's list of 50 coolest websites and it deserves to be there. If you use a RSS reader or feed aggregator of some sort, and are disatisfied with it in some way, give Bloglines a go.