Update: Oh no it seems that I was wrong about the timezone bug being fixed. This entry is still appearing at the top with with the time incorrectly stated (posted "5 hours 56 minutes ago" at this time).

Blogupdates from Henrik Gemal is a Mozilla-related blog aggregator, and it has recently undergone a facelift and, more importantly for me, some reworking of the code. I say "more importantly for me" because for the past months (since my Mozilla category feed was added to Blogupdates), my entries were hogging top spot on Blogupdates because of a bug in the code that didn't properly take timezones into account. Embarassing because it would've appeard that I was a sad no-lifer who kept updating his blog entries to keep the top spot (of course I wasn't doing anything of this sort, though I am still a sad no-lifer). If anyone noticed this before, let it be known henceforth that my name is clear of guilt (or something like that, said in a self-righteous tone). Thanks for fixing this, Henrik!

Anyway, if you're a Mozilla fan, Blogupdates is one of the must-see pages, perhaps even better than the MozillaZine Feedhouse because it notifies you which entries are new since you last visited. But it's really up to you to choose between them both (or you could read both), because there isn't a real difference between them both. Though Blogupdates did exist way before the Mozillazine Feedhouse did.