Came across another neat Firefox extension: BBCode. BBCode adds a list of menu choices to the right-click context menu, allowing you to quickly add BBCode (explained in the phpBB BBCode guide) to your posts (actually, the BBCode context menu appears in all textual input fields).

One of the simplest of things it does is allow you to quickly bold, italicize, or format selected text. Just select "Bold" (or whatever formatting option you wish to use) from the context menu (right-click):

Screenshot of BBCode bold option

Bam! Your selected text is formatted:

Screenshot of BBCode after using bold option

Changing the color of the text also works as in most places, popping up a JavaScript dialog:

Screenshot of BBCode after using color option

Screenshot of BBCode during use of color option

But what's a real keeper, is what's found under the "Clipboard" sub-menu. With this, you can copy a piece of text you want to quote, or a URL to an image/webpage, and then have it formatted as quoted text, or as an URL in BBCode. If you post in BBCode, you'll know how much of a hassle this can sometimes grow to be.

Screenshot of BBCode make selection URL option

With "" in my clipboard, BBCode formats it nicely so that I don't have to.

Screenshot of BBCode make selection URL result

Excellent work by Jed Brown, who also recently wrote GMailCompose, which is another context menu extension that allows you to compose a reply in GMail when clicking on mailto: links.