Ugh, I've been having less and less time to work on gExodus (version 0.2, version 0.1 - I really should put these in a consolidated area), mainly due to work and my need to relax once I get home (well, most times I just surf around, watch anime, and blearily gaze at the TV as it screens Euro 2004 matches nowadays).

Adding support for Outlook Express (.DBX) and Outlook (.PST) email formats was something I thought would be in the offing for gExodus, but it seems that the format is just too proprietary to figure out. Arne Schloh has been working on decoding the .DBX format but only has achieved about 90% of the task. There are what seems to be very good C libraries, LibPST and LibDBX, but I don't really want to dive into using C libraries from Python - though if anyone is willing to shed some light, I'd be all ears. Python libraries for decoding the .DBX or .PST formats? Well, either I haven't looked hard enough or there really aren't any.

So that's that, which basically means that I won't be looking at adding Outlook Express and Outlook support to gExodus barring a breakthrough. Sorry.

Anyway, I thought it would be good to release the source for gExodus as I'd promised - just for the unlikely event that someone wants to extend what little I've done. So here's the Python source files for gExodus (0.2):

To run gExodus from source, you need to have installed Python, wxPython and PythonCard. Gordon McMillan's Installer is needed to build the Windows executable. What is written here should help if you really want to try to work on this. Either way, do feel free to drop a line via my contact form.