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This is a pretty nifty Gmail trick (via TIMELINE via gmailwiki): create a label named “Unread” and Gmail automatically lists all unread email when you call up that label. Seems very much like a half-hearted, half-implemented feature that Google hasn’t decided whether to give to users. I for one would very much like to have […]

“Oh not I.” Well, seems like I was caught off-guard when a reader (thanks Roshambo!) wrote in and alerted me that I’d exceeded the 10 GB bandwidth limit I’d set for the domain. There were times when I thought that even 1 GB of bandwidth was a whole lot. Granted, 10 GB of transfer […]

… is none, or at least as far as this gem of an incident goes (it happened at BlogOn2004). Well, at least bloggers are using non-IE browsers. I doubt this is so for the general population, but it’s getting there. I’m not that anti-Microsoft. I’m just against broken browsers that don’t get fixed. Especially when […]

A reader (who didn’t leave his name, though from the email address it should be a Marc or Marc-Andre) wrote me an email to tell me about this Firefox extension, GooglePreview that inserts previews of search results pages before each search result at Google. Quite neat. It also inserts product screenshots from Amazon if a […]

Thunderbird 0.8 is shipping soon (July, according to the roadmap) and test builds have just been announced. Here’s the rundown of the new features you can expect to see. RSS Integration That’s right, RSS reading capability is going to be built into Thunderbird. This has not been turned on yet in the latest Thunderbird nightlies, […]