A little background: I work for muvee Technologies as a web developer. Much of what you see there isn't my work though, since I'm only 3 weeks old in the company.

I'm coming up with a list of things to improve with regards to the website, in terms of making it persuasive and consequently generating more sales. Of course, things like layout, accessibility, design and look and feel are important as well, but secondary for this evaluation. Truth be told, this is something my boss asked me to look at, because I've a pair of fresh eyes undeadened by years of working on the same old (same old) pages.

Nope, I'm not going to be try and get away with hoping that everyone here will generate enough ideas for me to present to my boss. I have my own list and I'm coming up with more stuff (gradually), but I thought that while I had your attention, I might as well see what other minds can come up with and if they are so discordant from mine.

So there, if you could help me evaluate and recommend things that can be changed/improved, I'd be grateful to you, dear mister or missus reader. Focus on how the site could be more persuasive to prospective buyers, or conducive to buyers (transactors). Recommendations on design, layout, accessibility are also welcome, but secondary (I expect plenty of these, nevertheless).

I don't have Gmail invites now, but I promise you I'll send one over if you help me out. Those already with Gmail will instead receive my gratitude (really - a favor is worth something nowadays, right?)