When I last gave out a Gmail invite, I had to squeeze out 1 for my dear blog readers (actually, when I got more invites, I gave another one to Joshua too). Now it seems that even 2 invites are so hard to give away.

It seems that the Gmail craze is finally dying down. Well, at least in the blog circles. Gmail's on almost every blog and almost every blogger has one (either through an account at Blogger or through viral means). Colleagues at work have Gmail. Friends don't see the need for Gmail. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of people who could use an invite. So from now on I'm giving away invites on my blog to readers. I'm not giving them to just anyone who searched for "Gmail invite" on Google and popped over. I happen to be listed on the first page of search results on Google for "Gmail invite" at this moment, and that has surpassed my usual high-ranking search terms of "bittornado", "uxtheme.dll", and "hotmail thunderbird" within 3 days - 1466 visitors via that search phrase.

I was looking down the list of people who posted in response to my entry asking my readers to show themselves, looking for people to give away the invites to, but I wasn't sure who wanted them. If you posted before and want an invite, let me know.