I've updated gExodus (previous version 0.1) with 2 new features (straight from the changelog):

- Added ability to set a label to prefix to the Subject of forwarded emails.
- Added "Pause/Continue" feature.

The "label" idea was suggested by Rory Parle (great thinking!), and it should be particularly useful for identifying which imported email messages came from which mbox. For example, if you set a label of "[yahoo-personal]" when importing your Yahoo personal email account into Gmail with gExodus, each of the emails will have "[yahoo-personal]" prefixed to their subject field. This means that an email that had the subject of "Hey dude, I heard Futurama's coming back!" becomes "[yahoo-personal] Hey dude, I heard Futurama's coming back!". It annoyed me that the imported mails cluttered up my Gmail inbox and I don’t know which ones are imported, and which are “live” emails that I’ve just received. This also now allows me to setup a filter to filter all imported mail to be tagged with a particular label.

The "Pause/continue" feature allows you to pause the importing of messages midway through an import. Useful in situations where you have a large mailbox with lots of messages. It should rightly work even after you've disconnected (and reconnected) your Internet connection.

Still having several issues with multithreading, so you'll notice 1 last email being imported after you pause or abort gExodus. This is because if the email forwarding thread is paused (or killed) while it is sending out an email, it will follow through with it before actually pausing (or dying). It's not a particularly catastrophic issue, though far from acceptable.

Download gExodus 0.2

Feedback and suggestions welcome as always. This is what's on my TODO list:
- Pre-select where the mbox file is most likely to reside on a harddisk
- Delay field (for specifying the delay between sending one message and the next)
- Interactive importing ("Yes/No/Yes to all")
- Importing of maildir format
- Recurse subdirectories and import all the mailboxes in each directory