Update: I've invited Anthony Eden - Anthony used to offer FreeRoller (a site that offers free blog hosting) for free, but has since moved on and FreeRoller is now JRoller (still free). I used to have a FreeRoller account myself.

Note: If you haven't been a reader for awhile, I'll know, so don't try and fake it.

I'm giving out 1 Gmail invite to a reader who has been with me for awhile. If you could show yourselves, by commenting and telling me a bit about yourself, I'll send you an invite. No, I'm not whoring out my invites (at least I don't think so) - I just thought this would help me to get to know my readers a bit better. redemption in a blog has been steadily growing with about 2,000 visits a day, but I'm not seeing many of my readers commenting. I sometimes wonder if anybody actually reads what I write or there's some bot out there periodically requesting my webpages at an approximately linearly increasing rate.

I'm not giving it out based on who posts first, but rather genuine readers (I'd have make educated guesses, unless I know of you from the "before time").

Initially I'd wanted to give out 2 invites, but that has quickly whittled away to just 1. Oh well, I'll get more invites soon I guess.