Well, a reader was kind enough to offer me a Gmail invite gratuitously:

Want a gmail invite? I think I’ve got one left and I’d much rather give it to someone who cares about web standards (yay) than compromise what I think is my moral integrity by whoring out something I got for free in the first place.

You can't deny there is some truth in the bit about "whoring out" Gmail invites that seem to have been happening of late heh (heard of Gmail Swap?). Well, not everyone is whoring out their invites - some of them go to a good cause (like donations to charity or non-profit organizations).

Anyway, I'd like to thank Luke for his kind gesture. Luke wrote about his Gmail invites as such:

I've got 2 invites left and although free stuff (or auctioning it off for cash through ebay) is tempting, it doesn't sit right with me morally, ethically, or somethin'.


Luke keeps a blog at http://blog.lukema.net/ and also an anime blog with mini-reviews of anime like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. Visit his website sometime.