Mozilla recommended at Singapore’s new antispam move

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26 May 2004

So Singapore has taken a significant step against spam. I’m not going to comment on the antispam move in this entry (if at all), but I thought it interesting to check out the “free trial of anti-spam software” as reported in the article and found something interesting. The Singapore AntiSpam Resource Centre has a list of recommended antispam software, and in that list is none other than “Mozilla Browser” and a write-up on Mozilla Mail’s Bayesian filtering system.

Screenshot of Mozilla being recommended on antispam website

Nice. I just wrote in to tell them to include Mozilla Thunderbird in that list, and also to possibly change “Mozilla Browser” to just “Mozilla” or “Mozilla Mail”.

Update: Well they’ve very promptly changed it to Mozilla Thunderbird. It has replaced the previous “Mozilla Browser” completely though.

2 Responses to Mozilla recommended at Singapore’s new antispam move


Ian Lim

May 28th, 2004 at 11am

Hurray ! I am a one happy user of Mozilla ThunderBird. In my experience, it works much more better than Outlook Express.



May 31st, 2004 at 1am

It’s nice to know they are doing somethign about it. But I cannot imagine people who don’t know much about computers moving to Thunderbird or Spambayes in droves. You can read about my opinions of that site in my blog