The good people at Project Aon sent out an email on their mailing list today to announce the release of the Lone Wolf RPG (RPG in the Pen and Paper sense, not the CRPG sense). Yes, a PnP RPG! Not that I've ever truly played one beyond a fleeting tryst with BattleTech PnP. Where are the people who play PnP games in Singapore hiding?

Anyway, I digress. The rulebook seems to be very interesting reading - the usual stuff you'd expect in a Dungeons and Dragons rulebook. I suppose this sounds fantastically geeky, but reading rulebooks and sourcebooks for Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms at Borders is something I actually enjoy - and yes I don't play PnP. Go figure.

Check out the character classes available:

In this rulebook, we have included the following character classes to get you started - the Brother of the Crystal Star, Dwarven Gunner of Bor, Kai Lord (of course), Magician of Dessi, Shadaki Buccaneer, Sommerlund Knight of the Realm, and Telchos Warrior.

And who doesn't remember those Crypt Spawns, Doomwolves, Drakkarim, Giak, Gourgaz, Helghasts, Kraan and Vordaks.

Lone Wolf RPG rulebook cover art

If you're interested in The Lone Wolf RPG, check it out at (there isn't much there at the moment though), and if you purchase it, affiliate earnings would help fund Project Aon.

Note: I wrote about Project Aon while back, in case you're interested.